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How to Get the Most Out of Your Periscope Videos

Periscope may provide the ideal way to engage your target audience. With it you can broadcast live video from your mobile phone and allow viewers to comment or send heart signals; plus it has an interactive map feature which lets them find videos being streamed at various locations around the world.

Periscope was initially created in February 2014 by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein under Twitter’s ownership, after they witnessed people filming their experiences through phones during Istanbul Gezi government protests using social media platforms like Facebook. They found inspiration for creating Periscope from these encounters.

Once the app has been downloaded onto a user’s mobile device, they can create an account by linking up their Twitter accounts and start broadcasting videos. By default, these broadcasts are public; if preferred they can also be set as private. Viewers can follow specific broadcasters and receive notifications when they start streaming live videos; once complete the broadcast is automatically saved to viewer profiles for 24 hours before being saved onto broadcaster phones too!

Periscope’s iOS update has made it easier for broadcasters to build an audience and engage their followers. New features enhance viewer viewing experience such as improved commenting and heart button appreciation for broadcasts; there’s also better visibility with a “recently watched” list; unlike similar apps such as Katch, which was discontinued, Periscope streams disappear after 24 hours, unlike Katch streams which remain active for longer.

With just one tap on their screen, viewers can “heart” broadcasts to show their approval and add comments or ask questions that the broadcaster can read and respond to. The app is being utilized by various people such as yoga instructors, musicians and even fashion bloggers – among them you may come across yoga instructors, musicians or fashion bloggers using this service!

To maximize the use of Periscope, it is vitally important that you cross-promote your broadcasts. To do so, promote them on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook prior to going live; also share the link on Twitter so your followers can watch and interact with the broadcast.

After you complete a scope, make sure to use the Twitter button at the bottom navigation bar to share it on Twitter and to increase reach among your audience. Use #periscope in tweets as a way to promote and increase visibility for your broadcast!

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