Clothing ComfortClothing refers to any garment or fashion piece that provides maximum comfort while being worn, from an ordinary cotton tee all the way up to cashmere sweaters or even robes made of yak hair. Comfort is more than simply physical; it also encompasses psychological and sensorial activities and feelings.

As an example, one client I worked with who was married with teenage children wanted clothes that were warm and supportive of her parenting role around them. She wanted to avoid showing too much cleavage or armpit in a sleeveless top while still looking fashionable; therefore I helped her choose one with no cleavage or arms that easily flowed over her body so she could wear it at home or out and about without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Notably, other sensorial factors that affect comfort include: rough and stiff materials that create discomfort; ticklish sensation due to excess fabric hairiness or a snag or pull in the material; wet cling of fabric against skin, stickiness of sweat residue from garment or body parts sticking onto skin surface, cold or warm feeling material on skin, thickness and transparency, wrinkle behavior or hand fullness. Sensorial comfort is a complex factor dependent upon an individual’s metabolic rate, activity levels, economic situation as well as social experiences;

Psychological considerations also play a part in a garment’s comfort level, such as its perception, style, color and cut and whether or not it fits properly on an individual. Sizing standards may differ among brands or sizes and therefore it is recommended to try on several size options before making a decision to buy.

Sensorial and psychological comfort levels of clothing can be greatly enhanced through using natural fibers like wool or cotton that naturally allow moisture to escape from your body, while synthetic fabrics like polyester and acetate don’t allow any of this moisture to dissipate – leaving one feeling hot and sweaty even during cooler weather.

While it is clear that wearing comfortable clothing has its benefits, finding stylish but practical clothing may sometimes prove challenging. By stocking your wardrobe with some stylish yet practical essentials you’ll always look stylish while feeling fantastic whether lounging around at home or out and about.

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