How to Flick Your Liner Downward

Flicking down the liner may seem like a minor change to a classic cat eye look, but it can have a dramatic impact on how your eyes appear. Flicking downward is the ideal way to create winged eyeliner that complements your eye shape while being suitable for all skin tones and colors like blue, green, brown and grey.

The technique is actually very straightforward and even novices can master it with practice. To create this look, simply draw a thin line upward from the outer corner of your eye (as with any cat-eye), but stretch it outward and downward slightly rather than stopping at your eyebrow (as would happen with traditional feline flick). This will create an eyeliner look more rounded – which can especially benefit rounder eyes by helping lengthening their lash line.

Join your new downward wing with a kohl liner on the bottom of your eye, creating more definition and an effortlessly seamless finish. A pencil liner such as Urban Decay’s Superhero Liner with no-skip glide is ideal for this type of eyeliner application; gently smudging the two lines together will also help soften and blend them for a selfie-ready finish that looks flawless!

Use of highlighter pencil or gel on the inner corners of your eyes can add an extra boost in terms of widening their appearance and increasing brightness. Pick a shade one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone for optimal results and add extra pop and brightness to your gaze, giving it wider and brighter depth perception.

If you want to extend the length of your lashes, use thicker eyeliner and draw in a straight line rather than in an angled hook shape. Add extra drama by applying Illamasqua Precision Ink Abyss as Lavonne has done; discover more of her makeup tricks on YouTube and TikTok!

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