Summary of Information and Experience about Penalty Card Odds

Currently, many betting players are interested and participating Penalty card betting. The nature of this form of betting not only brings diversity in odds but also meets the diverse needs of players. To have a clearer view of this attractive bet, please join us in referring to the information in the article below!

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What is a penalty card bet?

Penalty card bets are also known as Total Bookings in English. This is a form of football betting that predicts the total number of penalty cards (including yellow and red cards) appearing in a match. Form of bet sport This can be applied to the first half or the whole match with players only needing to predict the number of penalty cards without having to pay attention to the score of the match.

Nowadays, many people prefer the penalty card bet because it is considered easy to predict. Players can rely on factors such as the nature of the match, the player’s personality, confrontation history and lineup to predict accurately. This bet takes into account many factors other than the result of the match, which can affect the outcome of the bet.

Update popular penalty card bets in football you should know

There are many different types of booking bets, including betting on the total number of bookings issued in the match, the number of bookings given to each team, the first booking in the match, etc. Below they are: I will provide detailed information for each type of penalty card bet for readers to refer to. Specifically:

Asian penalty card betting

Also known as handicap card betting, a popular type of bet in matches. This bet is evaluated based on the ability of the two teams to receive cards with the difference in the number of cards between them. It simply predicts which team will get more cards and which team will get less cards.

Bet on over/under penalty cards

The over/under penalty card bet is calculated based on the total number of cards that the house predicts in a match. Like the over/under bet on the entire match, the player will choose over if he believes that the total number of cards will be more than predicted. On the contrary, gamers will choose under if they predict that the total number of cards will be less than the number they bet on.

Odd even penalty card bet

This bet is not much different from the over/under bet. Players will predict whether the total number of cards in the match is odd or even and place bets based on their prediction. Although this bet is quite easy to understand, to bet correctly, more careful consideration and evaluation is important to make a wise decision and have a chance to receive a bonus.

Bet on first and last penalty cards

The first/last card bet is an easy-to-understand bet by its name. Players will bet to predict which team will receive the first penalty card in the match (including yellow and red cards). If you predict correctly, you will receive a bonus with the corresponding odds, but if you predict incorrectly, you will lose all bets.

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Other types of penalty cards you should know

In addition to the popular card bets mentioned before, players can also explore other types of card bets from the bookmaker, such as: First half card bets, first card color bets, yellow card bets, bridge predictions. Which player will receive the first card, etc. These types of bets are as interesting and attractive as any other form of betting.

Some notes when playing penalty card betting for new players

Below are things that players need to keep in mind when participating in penalty card betting, especially new players. As follows:

  • Penalty card bets include both yellow cards (1 point) and red cards (2 points).
  • Each player in a match can receive a maximum of 4 points, including 2 yellow cards and 1 red card.
  • Penalty card betting only counts cards drawn on the field, excluding situations outside the boundary such as substitute players, assistants, coaches, etc.
  • Penalty card bets are only valid during the official 90 minutes of the match and extra time. In a match that goes to extra time, previous card bets will not be counted.
  • Penalty cards must be given by the main referee controlling the match.

Experience in betting on winning cards

Playing penalty card betting is not difficult, but if gamers master some of the experiences below, their winning rate will definitely increase. Specifically:

Learn and analyze detailed information about each team

In a match, drawing a penalty card depends on many factors. To bet correctly on penalty cards, before participating, you need to learn and analyze the following information:

  • Players’ playing style: Players’ playing style affects the number of penalty cards, especially players who have a habit of fouling or playing rough.
  • The playing style of the two teams: The playing style of the team affects the ability to receive a penalty card. Teams that play strongly and aggressively often have a higher chance of receiving cards.
  • Information about the main referee: The referee decides to draw cards, so you need to research information about the referee. The referee can have a strong or easy-going personality and this affects the decision to draw a card.
  • Nature of the match: Matches between teams with tense relationships often have a high likelihood of receiving cards. Important and imposing matches can also create pressure and many collision situations.

Absolutely do not choose a single penalty card bet

You should not bet too much money on a single card bet. To increase the chance of winning, players can add many other types of bets to their bet list. This helps preserve capital in a smart way.

If you realize that a card bet is problematic and likely to fail, quickly remove that bet to prevent losses and protect your principal. Quick processing helps players maintain their initial capital.

Choose the appropriate bet type

Choosing a suitable bet type plays an important role in shaping your betting results. There are many different types of penalty card bets, each with its own characteristics. Therefore, the decision to choose which bet must be based on the specific situation of the match. Players also need to carefully consider betting on each type of bet to avoid heavy losses.


Above is all relevant information New88 sent to the penalty card odds that we want to share with you. Hopefully through this article, everyone will understand how to play and win when participating in soccer betting. Don’t forget to follow our homepage to update more new knowledge about sports!

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