The most detailed instructions for playing four colors card game

The four-color card game is one of the traditional card games loved by many players, especially female players, and is often played in the central and southern regions of our country. This game is quite simple and does not become attached to many rules. So how to play this game, let’s find out the playing tips in the next part of the article New88sg.

Prepare before playing four-color card game


Four Colors is a normal game that anyone who knows how to play can play, regardless of whether they are male or female, old or young.
The best number for gamers is for 4 members, but if there are 2 or 3 family members, they can still play.

Play space

This is a game that does not require movement, you just need to find a comfortable space to play the cards. We can mention places such as communal houses, villages, courtyards, gardens, etc.

Chess pieces play

The four-color card deck includes a total of 112 cards, made from cardboard, rectangular, small and short in size. On the surface of the chess piece, only words are written and there are no accompanying illustrations.

The side next to the four-color card has only one color and different troops but with the same value for each type of army with the same name.

In the deck of cards, there are 7 armies (generals, officers, bishops, chariots, artillery, knights and pawns). Each army includes 16 cards divided equally into 4 colors, each color has 28 cards: green, red, white. & red. detail

Some concepts you need to know when practicing


Four-colored cards and groups of four-colored cards are called even when they satisfy the following conditions:
– All 2 to 4 cards are the same and have the same color
– As for the pawn (pawn), it can be from 3 to 4 cards of different colors
– Champions have from 1 to 4 cards
Four identical four-color cards of the same color are called quan, and three identical cards of the same color are called khhap.


Troops and groups of troops are called odd numbers when: The set of Generals – Soldiers – Bishops or Chariots – Cannons – Knights is the same color
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The extra four-color cards that have not been classified into even or odd groups are commonly called junk or cu ki

How to play four-color cards


Each player will be dealt twenty different cards. If you catch the card, you will be dealt 21 cards. The remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table as stakes

If you win the game, you are the one who rounds up your four-color cards (no junk cards left in your hand). In a situation where there is no winner but the suit only has 7 cards left, the match is considered a draw.

When the winning card (the first four-colored card that is attacked by a relative) is completed, the player will have to put down the trash card in his hand, but if he does not follow suit and lets another player come first, he will must be punished on behalf of the whole neighborhood

How to play

The card game is started by family members. The female player will choose any card from her hand on the table. This first card is also commonly known as the Spleen. If the next player has a valid card to capture the Pi, he will have the right to capture and will drop 1 trash card in his hand on the table and continue according to the rules of the game. If you can’t recharge, you’ll pick up a card from the pile and lose your Q.

The situation is even

To win this card game, you need to wait for your rival or the player to pick the bishop card in the card game. Or if there are 2 cards of an even set that another family member plays, they will be divided into sets and cards.

Abdominal exercise situation

Belly card is the name when the player has the set of Rook-Pan-Pao-Ma, Rook-Pan-Ma-Ma or Rook-Pan-Maa. When owning these cards, it will create a difficult situation for gamers and needs to be carefully considered to handle them well.

For example: If the gamer is in the hand of the Rook-Cannon-Maa-Knight set and the player plays the “knight”, you will not be able to win, but not only will you be forced to wait for the player to attack the “cart-cannon” pair. then new gamers can recharge to split into pairs


The scoring method during training is very important to determine the winner, the scoring rules are as follows:

  • Pair: No command
  • General: one deviation
  • 3 openers: 1 wrong
  • 4 openers: 6 commands
  • Khap: 3 commands
  • Writhing: 8 commands
  • Four different pins: 4 orders
  • Go to: 3 commands

When completing the four colors card game, the number of orders in the hand must be an odd number. If the player finishes with an even number, it is considered illegal and will result in a penalty.

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